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Oktoberfisch coming soon!!!!

October 7, 2017 General News No Comments

Excitement builds as Oktoberfisch 2017 nears.  We have an awesome fly tying venue, steak dinner, live entertainment, kayak instruction, casting instructing, kayak shuttles, new T-Shirt designs, Guide fishing samples, swap meet items, supportive vendors, fish movies, new and exciting raffle / silent auction items  and lots and lots of fellowship. Oh… did we mention that TPWD is doing a special stocking of Guadalupe Bass with prizes for catching tagged fish?

October 12th we will have our monthly meeting, come and hear the latest updates and how you can volunteer with preparations for Oktoberfisch

October 14th (Saturday) will be a primp and trim day at the South Llano River RV Park in Junction.  The club will provide lunch as we all bring our own weed eaters, grub hoes, waders and a shovel or two in order to get things ship shape for our big party.

October 19th we will be there to set up tents and get ready for our huge gathering on the 20th.

If you haven’t, registered now at

PS.  If you have any items for auction or raffle please connect with Bruce Ward at:

 We also need a volunteer to head to Bandera and pick up conservation trash bags.  Contact Jon Morse for details. (210-286-7041)

September 23, 2017 General News No Comments


Oktoberfisch is fast approaching, Oct 20 to 22. Don’t miss a great fly fishing festival at South Llano RV Park in Junction. 

-Amazing array of certified Fly Casting Instructors from across Texas

-New Classes:  How to fish from kayak

-Family fishing demonstrations from Llano Watershed Alliance and South Llano State Park

-Awesome new raffle and silent auction items

Register now on our web site:


2017 Fishing Licenses Extended due to Hurricane Harvey

September 10, 2017 General News No Comments

Important fishing news from TPWD. Fishing licenses extended through September

017-007 Executive Order Licensing Rules 9-1-17

Texas Council volunteers needed and Looking Forward

August 20, 2017 General News No Comments

Texas Council followers and members. As 2017 starts to wind down, new volunteers are needed to keep our mission alive and flourishing. The Texas Council has been successful due to a great group of volunteers, who have joined together to promote fly fishing in Texas. The council has the highest attendance and the most growth for several years in a row now, and have plans to continue this exciting growth. If you are interested in serving in our council, please contact us at There are many ways one can contribute to the organization and we will find a way you can.

Also want to share an article from Tom Logan, on Looking Forward. Please take the time to read this exciting review on the future of the FFI. A great time to renew your love for our great sport.

Looking Forward with Tom Logan





We are looking for stories from all the Texas clubs, as well as the information you want to appear in your club's web page on this site! Feel free to contact us about being a contributing writer to this site, and we will set that up behind the scenes.

Please feel free to register and comment on news stories you see here at the official Texas Council Website. The only way you can comment on stories you read, because of the battle against spammers, is to register first, and then be logged in - to comment.



Welcome to the Texas Council!! The Texas Council was formed  to unify the clubs in our state. Texas was previously divided with the northern clubs belonging to the Southern Council and the rest of the state belonging to the Gulf Coast Council. A unified state is beneficial in many ways that will support and grow fly fishing in Texas.

Please provide any comments, suggestions, or activities you wish the Council to consider. We greatly appreciate your support.


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