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Important Information from the Southern Council!!!

April 13, 2014 General News No Comments
Southern Council Communications
April 2014
IFFF Southern Council Newsletter

Keeping you better informed.

Dear Russell,

The Texas Council of the International Federation of Fly Fishers announces Destination Texas Fly Fishing Expo to be held June 12-14, 2014 in New Braunfels, TX.

Held at the New Braunfels Civic Center, Destination Texas Fly Fishing Expo brings together the fishing community from across the state to share, learn and celebrate the art of fly fishing. Those new to fly fishing or just curious will find a welcoming environment with plenty of hands on activities to introduce to them to the sport. While anglers of all skill levels will find the knowledge and expertise to help them improve as well as visit and share stories.
Registration for Destination Texas Fly Fishing Expo and all of the workshops will begin in mid March 2014. An email will be sent out to all Federation members, and forms can also be accessed from your club President. When registering, you will lock in your choices for the tying sessions, presentations, Texas Parks and Wildlife workshops, casting workshops, fly fishing film tour, Saturday Night Awards dinner and auction, women’s breakfast, and so much more! For updates, activities, exhibitors and more visit: Official Web info for Destination Texas

The IFFF Southern Council’s Fly Fishing School was held April 4th – 6th and a great time, great food and good learning experience was enjoyed by a full school of 12 attendees.  Thanks to Michael Ames, Chuck Easterling, Zach Hoyt , Chris and Carol Jackson and Riverside Retreat.

Mark your calendar!
October 3-5, 2014
2014 Southern Council Fly Fishing Fair
Mountain Home, Arkansas
Yes, this is a change from past years. The dates run from Friday through Sunday, 2:00 p.m. – making it more family friendly. Keep an eye on the Fly Fishing Fair Web page for more details throughout the coming year.
Friday, October 3, 2014
  • 9am – 5pm Special hands on tying clinics, on-the-water fly fishing casting or technique classes
  • Vendor set-up – Beginning at 3:30pm until as late as you want – Security provided at 5pm
  • Live music by Scott Chisum & the Better Half, food and drink at the Fairgrounds in Building C3
Saturday, October 4, 2014
  • 9am – 5pm Vendor Exhibits in Main Hall
  • 9am – 5pm Programs covering casting, fishing techniques, and destinations
  • Live Music by Missouri Boat Ride, Food, Drink, Live Auction at the Fairgrounds in Building C3


Sunday, October 5, 2014
  • 9am – 2pm Vendor Exhibits in Main Hall
  • 9am – 2pm Programs covering casting, fishing techniques and destinations
  • Free admission

2014 Annual Awards by Larry Murphy, VP Communications
Someone deserves recognition…
Every year Southern Council members are honored for the efforts performed over the course of their involvement with SOC or for something special that they have performed during the past year.
Please take time this coming year and look at members around you who truly are worthy of this type of recognition. Then make a nomination before July 1, 2014 for one of the many categories we award annually.
Without your input, it is impossible to honor them for the service they render to the Southern Council. Many folks deserve this recognition yet few are given it. It only takes a little time to send in your nomination. Who knows you might be the one person responsible for seeing them get the recognition they deserve.

  For more details and requirements for the Southern Council Annual Awards, visit

Pat Smith to be inducted into Trout Nature Center Hall of Fame

The Fifth Annual Trout Nature Center Hall of Fame Banquet will take place on the Arkansas State University-Mountain Home (ASUMH) campus on April 26. Actively involved in Fly Fishing since the 80’s, this year’s Trout Hall of Fame inductee, Pat Smith is a founding member of Damsel Fly Fishers and multi-time Woman of the Year honoree by the Federation of Fly Fishers-Southern Council (FFF-SOC).  Smith has also received the Award of Excellence and President’s Award from the FFF-SOC.  In addition, Smith is currently Secretary/Treasurer of Friends of the Norfork National Fish Hatchery, Sowbug Roundup Co-Chair for Fly Tying, and a member of the Trout Nature Center Task Force.  About Smith, past inductee, Steve Wilson says, “She’s all about trout!  She is recognized both locally and nationally for her work in promoting trout and trout fishing.  Pat is a perfect fit for the mission of the Trout Nature Center.”

The Trout Nature Center and the Trout Hall of Fame will be located at the Vada Sheid Community Development Center (The Sheid). The Center will house educational trout-related exhibits, which will be open to the general public, as well as to students. The banquet, which will feature live music by Fort Smith-based Cutthroat Trout and an auction, will serve as a fundraiser for the Center.  The silent auction will begin at 6 p.m. followed by dinner and induction ceremony.

Past inductees are Dave Whitlock, Jim Gaston, Dr. Robert Behnke, Joan Wulff, Forrest Wood, Steve N. Wilson, Elmo Hurst, and Tom Schumuecker.

The Trout Nature Center mission is to educate the public about all aspects of trout ecology and conservation. The purpose of the Center will be to enhance the joy of trout fishing and strengthen tourism and economic growth for the area. The Center, once completed, will serve all individuals interested in trout and their habitat, and will show the impact of minimum flow, hydrology, the history of the White River and why trout made their home here.

Tickets to the auction and Hall of Fame Banquet are $50/person and can be purchased by calling the Sheid at (870) 508-6280.

Chris Jackson

Managing Director

IFFF Southern Council

870 499-3056

Dave and Emily Whitlock added to Texas Council Expo

April 10, 2014 General News No Comments

Expo goers!! Just added the Whitlock’s to come to the Texas Council Expo. They will have an awesome booth, and have a few presentations as well. Make your plans now to attend the BEST fly fishing show of the year!!!!

fly fishing film tour tickets on sale now!!!!

Fly Fishing Film Tour

April 1, 2014 General News No Comments

New Braunfels Texas. June the 13th. Best price for the Film Tour in the state!!!! Come join us at the Expo for an amazing weekend!!!


Tim Holschlag coming to Fort Worth Fly Fishers meeting

February 27, 2014 General News No Comments
Club, we are excited to have Tim Holschlag as our May speaker. Yes we are having a general meeting on May the 6th, as our Auction will be on the 29th of April.

Tim Holschlag

Tim Holschlag has fished more smallmouth bass rivers than any known angler, over 300 different rivers across North America. In addition, he has caught smallmouth bass in dozens of lakes in both the US and Canada. He has a deep understanding of all types of smallmouth habitats.
Tim is the author of the highly acclaimed books, “Stream Smallmouth Fishing,” “Smallmouth Fly Fishing” and the new blockbuster book “River Smallmouth Fishing.”  He is the creator and host of the popular DVD “Stream Smallmouth Fishing– the Movie” and has written hundreds of magazine articles for the major fishing publications. Tim Holschlag is nationally known for his encyclopedic knowledge of the species and his smallmouth bass expertise.
Over two decades as a popular angling instructor, guide, seminar speaker and fly designer, Tim Holschlag has helped thousands of anglers improve their smallmouth bass fishing skills. His lifelong study of smallmouth gives people insights found nowhere else.
Tim receiving an award from Dr Thomas F. Waters

Tim receiving the Dr Thomas F. Waters Stewardship Award
As the co-founder of the Smallmouth Alliance organization in 1988, Tim’s smallmouth bass passion extends beyond how to catch them. His commitment to conservation has meant a strong advocacy for protecting the species and the waters where they live. Recognizing his conservation efforts, Tim has been awarded both the Federation of Fly Fishers James Henshall Award and the Dr Thomas F. Waters Stewardship Award for smallmouth bass conservation.

How to Say “Holschlag”

Folks often wonder how to pronounce “Holschlag” a German name with a mouthful of consonants.  (“You ought to buy a vowel, man.”)
Here’s the key–  “Holschlag” rhymes with “coleslaw,” but with a “g” at the end. Then, if you want to sound authentic, just slur the “schlag” part like you have a mouthful of coleslaw.
You’ve got it!



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Welcome to the Texas Council!! The Texas Council was formed  to unify the clubs in our state. Texas was previously divided with the northern clubs belonging to the Southern Council and the rest of the state belonging to the Gulf Coast Council. A unified state is beneficial in many ways that will support and grow fly fishing in Texas.

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