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Guadalupe Bass Contest

October 18, 2017 General News No Comments

Guadalupe Bass Contest

Texas Parks and Wildlife released 15 retired Guadalupe Bass broodstock back into the South Llano River on October 17, 2017. The broodstock were used to successfully restore the genetically hybridized South Llano population. To celebrate this and other recent conservation successes for our state fish, Llano River Watershed Alliance is partnering with TPWD and Bass Pro Shops on a prize giveaway in which prizes will be presented to anglers who catch these Guadalupe Bass and return a tag. Eligible Guadalupe Bass will have registered TPWD Floy Tags. If you catch one of these fish, please clip (DO NOT PULL) the tag and take a photo with the fish.

PRIZES Include fly rod and reel combos, fly fishing vests, landing nets, and fly assortments donated by Bass Pro Shops.

 Contest will run from 10/20/2017 to 12/31/18. The first 15 anglers to contact Llano River Watershed Alliance with clipped, registered tags will receive a prize. To be eligible, you must clip the tag from the fish, record the capture location, and please take a photo with or of your fish!

Representatives of both organizations will join us at Oktoberfisch.  So….. come visit

North Toledo Bend Rendezvous November 3rd – 5th

October 11, 2017 General News No Comments

North Toledo Bend


November 3-5, 2017

North Toledo Bend State Park

Zwolle, LA

Have you heard of RENDEZVOUS yet?

This is a fly fishing annual event that will be 29 years old in November!

Please visit my website http://pages.suddenlink.net/w/Rendez/indexR.

html to read all about it. An event lasting 29 straight years should be

something interesting and worth investigating, right? It is simply a

gathering of fly fishers who are dedicated to fly tying, as well as, fly


Since Texas really does not have adequate group facilities in our state

parks, we have to travel to Zwolle, Louisiana to the North Toledo Bend

State Park to find a great facility that will sleep 150 people. This allow

clubs from both states to gather for a great weekend together.

Rendezvous has a rich history of attracting top fly tyers sitting at a

dining room table where you can sit and watch and ask any questions.

A good example of this is Fred Hannie from Lake Charles, the realistic

fly tyer who is featured in Fly Tyer Magazine and on its cover as well.

Many outstanding fly tyers will be there doing their thing all weekend


So if you need a change of pace and your family wants to have a great

weekend, please check out our website above and come join us. No

reservations needed just show up and sign in. Oh, and bring your tying

stuff and enough food to share. Hope to see you there.

Walter McLendon



Oktoberfisch coming soon!!!!

October 7, 2017 General News No Comments

Excitement builds as Oktoberfisch 2017 nears.  We have an awesome fly tying venue, steak dinner, live entertainment, kayak instruction, casting instructing, kayak shuttles, new T-Shirt designs, Guide fishing samples, swap meet items, supportive vendors, fish movies, new and exciting raffle / silent auction items  and lots and lots of fellowship. Oh… did we mention that TPWD is doing a special stocking of Guadalupe Bass with prizes for catching tagged fish?

October 12th we will have our monthly meeting, come and hear the latest updates and how you can volunteer with preparations for Oktoberfisch

October 14th (Saturday) will be a primp and trim day at the South Llano River RV Park in Junction.  The club will provide lunch as we all bring our own weed eaters, grub hoes, waders and a shovel or two in order to get things ship shape for our big party.

October 19th we will be there to set up tents and get ready for our huge gathering on the 20th.

If you haven’t, registered now at https://www.fredericksburgflyfishers.com/about-oktoberfisch/

PS.  If you have any items for auction or raffle please connect with Bruce Ward at:  bw8454@att.com

 We also need a volunteer to head to Bandera and pick up conservation trash bags.  Contact Jon Morse for details. (210-286-7041)

September 23, 2017 General News No Comments


Oktoberfisch is fast approaching, Oct 20 to 22. Don’t miss a great fly fishing festival at South Llano RV Park in Junction. 

-Amazing array of certified Fly Casting Instructors from across Texas

-New Classes:  How to fish from kayak

-Family fishing demonstrations from Llano Watershed Alliance and South Llano State Park

-Awesome new raffle and silent auction items

Register now on our web site:  www.FredericksburgFlyFishers.org




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