Bud Priddy Announcement

March 5, 2016 General News No Comments

If you haven’t registered for the Bud Priddy Fly Fishing Contest with over $1,400 in prizes, you may now do so at: http://alamoflyfishers.com/bid-priddy-online-registration-form. You will also need to make lodging reservations at Big Oak River Camp as soon as possible. All cabins were held for us until March 1st. It is now first come, first serve. Cabins, RV sites, and tent camping sites are still available but please don’t put off making your reservations too long as the sites may fill up. Come on Texas anglers, let’s fill this event up!!! Thank you.

Walter Ross
Alamo Fly Fishers
(210) 324-1359

2016 Bud Priddy Announcement

Texas Council Spring Newsletter is HERE!!!

March 5, 2016 General News No Comments

Excited to roll out the Spring Edition of the Texas Council’s Newsletter. Loads of information and activities for you to enjoy.

TxCncl IFFF-Newsletter Spring 2016



We are looking for stories from all the Texas clubs, as well as the information you want to appear in your club's web page on this site! Feel free to contact us about being a contributing writer to this site, and we will set that up behind the scenes.

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Welcome to the Texas Council!! The Texas Council was formed this fall, as there was a strong desire to unify our state. Texas was divided with the Northern clubs belonging to the Southern Council and the rest of the state belonging to the Gulf Coast Council. A unified state will be beneficial in so many ways. On November the 26th, the Federation of Fly Fishers approved the formation of the Texas Council. The new Council has been off to an excellent start, with the help of so many wonderful, and talented volunteers. Without them, this dream would have never came true.

We hope you find this website to be of great value, and easy to use. Please provide any comments, suggestions, or activities you wish the council to partake in. We would greatly appreciate your support.


Texas Council
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