Realistic Fly Tier Fred Hannie

March 9, 2015 General News No Comments

The “Destination Texas” Fly Fishing Expo will be hosting some, if not the best tiers in the country. Fred Hannie is one of the best in tying realistic flies, and creatures that fish prey on. It is his goal to tie the most realistic flies, and does so. Recognized nationally, and most recently in Fly Tyer Magazine, Fred will showcase his talents for all to see.
fred hannie
Fred travels across the country to various fly tying shows and events. It is at these events, that Fred enjoys the most. The interaction with friends and tiers is special to him.
Come see Fred in a special tying session, or more casual at the fly tying expo area.
Follow the expo here and times for tying exhibitions:

Destination Texas Expo Youth Activities

March 8, 2015 General News No Comments

The Texas Council is asking all fly fishing youth to put May the 30th on your calendar. The “Destination Texas” Expo team has scheduled a full day’s worth of activity for all youth to enjoy. Activities begin the 30th with a breakfast for all to attend. Chris Johnson from Living Waters Fly Fishing will host and start the day off. The youth will hear from him how to get started and how to pursue a sport that can change your life. The day continues with a two hour fly tying session provided by the Red River Fly Fishers. After lunch, there will be casting games hosted by Don Alcala, and the day ends with an entomology lesson from Keira Quam to bring it all together. Nothing better than looking at bugs that live in a river, eaten by the fish we all want to catch!!!
The only cost for any of these events is a $5 fee for the breakfast that will be provided. All other activities are FREE. This gives plenty of time for Mom and Dad to enjoy the countless activities that the Expo has to offer.

8 am Breakfast with Chris Johnson
10am Fly Tying with the Red River Fly Fishers
12pm Casting games with Don Alacala
2pm Entomology with Keira Quam

Make your plans now to attend. These events will remembered for a long time!!!

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Women’s Fly Fishing Breakfast and Programs

March 7, 2015 General News 2 Comments

Calling ALL Fly Fishing Women. The Texas Council has the weekend for you. Women’s breakfast, casting and tying programs. Add in all of the other aspects of staying in New Braunfels, this weekend is for you. And we have found the perfect choice to lead all of your fun!!!! For updates and events, follow us at

Molly Semenik

Molly Semenik utilizes her 40 years of fly fishing to create a total experience. Tie The Knot is about learning and exploring fly fishing. Molly focuses on: observing the environment, understanding the food source, how and why trout eat, where they live, how to present a fly, how to catch and release a fish. Tie The Knot Fly Fishing is about learning patience, careful observation, skills and the art of fly fishing. Participants range from kids just learning to fly fish to guides wishing to improve their skills. Men and women of all ages and Molly’s special niche women’s groups have benefited from Tie The Knot Fly Fishing’s philosophy of the total experience.

Why Molly Semenik & Tie The Knot are Unique

Molly has been fortunate to have had many professional fly fishing mentors. Many of whom are today in their 70’s. Molly has learned from them and feels it is her duty and privilege to share the history of the sport through the most current techniques, philosophies, and opportunities. It is the sharing of this broad perspective of fly fishing that makes Molly unique.

Molly’s qualifications include:
•Started Tie The Knot Fly Fishing in 2001
•2014 marks Molly’s 14th guide season
•2009 Molly became an Outfitter
•Experienced fly fishing in warm water, salt water and cold water
•Member International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF) Board of Governors
•Certified Master Casting Instructor (MCI)
•Annually teaches over 400 students throughout the United States through schools, shops, clubs, shows,
•Having her own instructional and destination fishing programs throughout the Intermountain West and South America

Tie The Knot Fly Fishing provides fly fishing instruction in Montana and throughout the United States. Classes are for men, women, kids and families. For women, I provide instructional, guided fly fishing destination trips in Montana. Please see Women’s Adventures. Tie The Knot Fly Fishing is also a guide and outfitter service. Molly has a great group of guides that she has worked with for many years. They too share the same philosophies and provide excellent instruction, fishing opportunities and outstanding lunches.

Learning and exploring the sport of fly fishing is a passion for Molly and sharing that passion is her goal.


Destination Texas Expo Casting Clinics

March 6, 2015 General News No Comments

For all you casters out there. Want to take your fly casting to another level? Improve distance or accuracy? Learn to cast from a kayak, and so much more? Then you must attend the Texas Council’s Destination Texas Expo this May and take some of these high level casting classes. Classes on Friday, all day Saturday, and Sunday. For the complete listing of schedule classes, look here:
One class that will help everyone will be Joe Libeu’s class on Developing a Better Backcast. Joe is the owner of Sierra Pacific Fishing Adventures, a California Guide, a Master Casting Instructor and on the Casting Board of Governors with the IFFF. He has also been awarded the following casting instructor awards: the Pauline C. Cathcart Memorial Flycasing Award from the Pasadena Casting Club, the J. Stanley Lloyd Order of the Mayfly Award from the Sierra Pacific Flyfishers, the Ed Thomas Memorial Trophy from the Long Beach Casting Club and the first Mel Krieger Instructor of the Year Award from the International Federation of Fly Fishers.

Workshop: “Developing A Better Backcast”
Description: This Class will focus on the development of a better back cast through exploring your casting style, casting fundamentals, casting drills and focused practice.
Maximum Class Size: 10
Skill Set: All levels
Equipment: Rod, reel, line/leader, yarn fly, hat and eye protection.
joe libeu



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